Brew Guide

No.5 Cafetière

Your comprehensive field guide for how to brew the perfect Cafetière

The Cafetière, also known as a 'French Press' is a device that allows coffee to brew without being over exposed to pressure or the boiling process

Coffee 18g

Water 250ml

Temperature 95°C

Grind Cafetière or medium grind

Step 1

Boil A Kettle

Start by boiling the kettle and preheating your cafetière with some hot water. Empty the water from the now warm cafetière.

Step 2

The Grind

Add your ground coffee to the cafetière, if you have a grinder then grind your coffee to a coarse consistency. We suggest that you use 18g of dry coffee to every 250ml of water you use.

Step 3


Add approximately 75g of hot water to flood the coffee grinds and begin the extraction. Stir, leave for 30 seconds, and then add the rest of the water.

Step 4

The Wait

Replace the cafetière lid and wait a further 3 minutes.

Step 5

Create A Clean Cup

If you would like a cleaner cup, remove the crust from the top but this is entirely optional.

Step 6

Time to Serve

Gently depress the plunger. Serve and Enjoy!