Brew Guide

No.1 Espresso

Your comprehensive field guide for how to brew the perfect Espresso

Espresso produces a rich & concentrated shot with a thick, luxurious body. Flavours are amplified & leave a strong, lingering aftertaste.

Coffee 18g

Water 36ml

Temperature 95°C

Grind Espresso/Fine Grind

Step 1

The Grind

Remove the portafilter from the group head and dry with a towel. Grind your 18g of coffee to a fine consistency.

Step 2


Put the coffee into the portafilter and tamp evenly with a medium-hard pressure. The ground coffee should be flat and level.

Step 3


Rinse the group head to remove any spent coffee that may have been left behind.

Step 4

Begin Extraction

Insert the portafilter and begin extraction. The espresso should look thick and creamy as it begins to extract.

Step 5

28 Seconds

The overall time of the extraction should be 28 seconds (+/- 5 seconds), any faster or slower and the grind will need to be adjusted. Total weight of the espresso should be 36g.

Step 6

Time to Serve

Remove the portafilter, knock out the spent coffee, wash the portafilter and wipe clean and place back in the group head. Serve and Enjoy!