Brew Guide

No.2 V60

Your comprehensive field guide for how to brew the perfect V60

V60 is an incredibly versatile brew method, producing a clean & clear cup. Giving great results for all different types & roasts of coffee.

Coffee 16.5g

Water 230ml

Temperature 95°C

Grind Filter or medium-fine

Step 1

The Grind

Weigh out 16.5g of coffee and grind to a medium, sand-like, consistency.

Step 2


Place a paper filter in the top of your V60 and rinse it with hot water to remove any paper taste and preheat the server. Remove the rinsing water.

Step 3

Add to filter

Add the ground coffee into the filter making sure it is level as you do so.

Step 4


Rest the server on the scales and zero them.

Step 5

The Bloom

Pour 50g of water gently in the centre of the coffee and work slowly outwards to the edge of the coffee bed ensuring it is evenly wet. This should be done in 30 seconds. You will start to see bubbling as gasses are released, this is known as the ‘bloom’.

Step 6

Start to Pour

Start pouring the rest of the water moving in a circular motion from the centre outwards ensuring you’re as close to the coffee bed as you can be, before returning to the centre.

Step 7

Time to Serve

Continue steadily pouring the water until you reach an end time of 2 minutes 30 seconds and a total weight of 250ml.

Step 8


Discard the spent filter paper. Serve and Enjoy!