The Baytown Story

Coffee Born For Adventure

Hand roasted in Whitby, Northern England

Welcome to Baytown

A family run business nestled on the North Yorkshire Coast roasting coffee daily to ensure our customers receive freshly roasted coffee to their door.

All for the love of coffee...

Everything we do is driven by our love of coffee, from the independent farmers who grow it, to all of us that drink it. We are passionate about what we do and our experience in roasting aims to demystify the mythology of coffee, making it easy to understand, purchase and brew.

Maritime Mornings coffee
Our inspiration

Baytown's home is in Northern England just outside the seaside town of Whitby. The roastery was an old cowshed which was converted in 2019.


Nick, Ann Louise, their four children and three dogs live on the family farm.


We love adventure, and nothing beats the taste of coffee brewed outdoors to fuel our journey!

We're about more than just coffee

Our purpose is about more than coffee. It's about giving back to our community, ensuring we have a positive impact on communities where we trade and spreading goodness wherever we can.

Eco Friendly

Great coffee starts with fairness and traceability. Our coffees are now in recyclable packaging

Feel good coffee

Last time we checked coffee was all about making you feel good. Our coffees are created with personality

Growing our community

We have a moral responsibility to make a positive social impact on the communities in which we operate

Family Business

Creating Baytown coffee was a lifestyle choice. Nick and the family live on the farm right next to the roastery

Giving a little something back

Loving coffee isn't just about drinking it! For us, great coffee starts with fairness and traceability. It's important that our growers are paid above the Fairtrade minimums - that's why we work directly with farmers and importers who share our values.

Looking after the planet

Finally, there's sustainability. We're not doing our job if someone is being let down somewhere along the line. Our beliefs and values are demonstrated by our long-term partnerships with overseas farmers, where we pay fair prices in exchange for premium quality coffees that we know you'll love.

Quality from the start

Then there's quality. Our sourcing and selection process ensures all our beans exceed intense quality standards. That means we do a huge volume of tasting and only work with people who really care about what they do.

Friends of Baytown

Here's just some of the organisations we work with and support. Get in touch if you'd like to be part of the fun.

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