Brew Guide

No.4 Moka Pot

Your comprehensive field guide for how to brew the perfect Moka Pot

An essential item for coffee aficionados - the Moka Pot is a stove top brewing method that gets the most out of those fresh coffee beans!

Coffee 13g

Water 170ml

Temperature 95°C

Grind Medium-fine

Step 1

Prepare the Basket

Unscrew the top half of the Stove Top and remove the basket. Fill the bottom chamber with hot water until it is just below the pressure valve on the side.

Step 2

The Grind

Grind your coffee to a medium-fine, caster sugar, consistency and fill the basket with around about 16g, levelling it off with your finger once finished.

Step 3

Add Some Heat

Place the basket back into the bottom chamber and screw the top back on. Turn on your stove to a medium heat and sit the Stove Top on.

Step 4

Prepare to Serve

Watch the amount of coffee coming through into the top chamber remembering how much water you put in, once it reaches half the volume remove the Stove Top from the heat and allow the rest to flow through. Serve and Enjoy!