Mastering the Kelly Kettle: Your Key to Outdoor Adventure

Mastering the Kelly Kettle: Your Key to Outdoor Adventure

For us here at Baytown, there’s nothing better than savouring a good cup of coffee in the heart of nature. And for all the adventurous coffee drinkers out there, when it comes to quickly and easily boiling water out in the wild, the Kelly Kettle is the most reliable all-purpose outdoor kettle on the market. 

The Kelly Kettle is the ultimate travel accessory you need for your outdoor brewing kit; they are available as either a 0.6L Trekker (for up to 2 people) or a 1.2L Scout (for up to 4 people). Whether it’s for your family camping trips or picnics by the river, they are a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly way to boil water outdoors. It’s essentially a hollow water flask with a central chimney, allowing for a fire to be lit at the base to quickly heat the water around the chimney. But how exactly do we use them? 

Kelly Kettle

If you’re new to this great bit of kit, or just looking to brush up on your skills, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Kelly Kettle to make the most out of your outdoor brewing escapades!

What you’ll need:

  • Kelly Kettle

  • Water

  • Kindling, fire strikers, and small sticks for your fire

  • Coffee

  • A mug

Find a safe, flat area to use your Kelly Kettle and remove the firebase from the base of the kettle.

Kelly Kettle outdoors

Fill the kettle with water to just below the spout, and ensure the waterspout is free from any obstructions. Make sure not to overfill the kettle, as the water expands when heated and may overflow.

Build a fire in the base on the kettle – we recommend fuelling your fire with sticks, leaves, tree bark or pinecones (make sure to gather all your supplies beforehand so you don’t leave your fire unattended!)

Kelly Kettle from above

Light the fire through the holes in the side of the base. You can use the wind for an extra draft if required.

Kelly Kettle base

As the fire burns down, you may want to add a few extra sticks down the chimney to keep the fire burning.

Using a Kelly Kettle

When the water has boiled, use one hand to hold the handle of the kettle, and lift the kettle clear of the fire. Avoid touching the outside of the kettle when in use as this will be very hot.


Pouring a Kelly Kettle

Finally, just use the handle and the chain for the orange plug to pour your hot water out of the kettle.

Once you have your hot water, for the best outdoor brewing experience, we recommend using your Kelly Kettle with one of our Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Overs or the Aerobie AeroPress

If you’re a fan of the pour-over method, we recommend using our new Ethiopian single-origin Marnar Dale. It’s best enjoyed black, and has tasting notes of bilberry, lime, plum and blossom.

If you love using the AeroPress, we recommend using Maritime Mornings. This rounded and full-bodied single origin from Brazil tastes great through an AeroPress, and what’s better is that £1 from every bag sold goes to a great cause – The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

Alternatively, if you're brewing for the whole family, we recommend using the Stanley Stay Hot French Press! This 1.4L french press can brew enough for your whole crew, and pairs great with our dark roast Boggle Hole.

Happy Brewing!