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Maritime Mornings Coffee

Our coffee dedicated to The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

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A rounded and full-bodied, single-origin coffee. The medium roast brings out chocolatey, nutty and cherry flavour notes.

A rich-bodied coffee recommended for use in an Espresso but it also works well as a filter. This is a very versatile coffee so can be enjoyed using any brew method.

This coffee is dedicated to the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, a charity that is close to our hearts. We donate £1 from every pack sold to the charity to inspire young people to believe in a brighter future following their cancer treatment.

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Grown at an altitude of between 900m and 1,200m above sea level in Brazil’s Cerrado region. The coffee cherries are grown on the first farm in Brazil to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification.

The farm uses a variety of beans grown in terroir and the cherries are harvested using their own purpose built machinery. This special machinery ensures that only the ripe cherries are picked from the branches. The farm is a real leader in sustainability in the coffee industry.



Country of origin:
Pulped Natural
900 - 1,200 metres
Tasting notes:
Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate & Stone Fruit

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