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Join the Baytown family

Our wholesale customers are much more than customers. They’re part of the growing Baytown family. Everything about us is designed to support you. From sourcing and roasting the best beans, to doing all we can to increase footfall and help you make better coffee – because your business is at the heart of ours.

We think solid, personal relationships are key to what we do. That means we’re into developing a partnership with you – one that helps your business succeed. So, in addition to providing you with great coffee, we can supply coffee machines and grinders, machine-specific cleaning products, eye-catching POS, barista training, technical support, coffee shop consultancy, and guidance on how to make your coffee the best it can be.

We’d love your business to join the Baytown family. Whether you’re after brilliant espresso for your coffee shop or restaurant, great retail coffee or you’re just setting up and you need professional equipment, all you need to do is holler.

Please drop us an email or call us on 01947 466630 and we’ll get back to you before you can spell The Baytown Coffee Company (backwards).

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