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Ness Point Coffee (Decaf)

Date, chocolate & biscuit. Rich, smooth & mellow.

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For coffee lovers who enjoy a ‘life less-caffeinated’, we have a very special single-origin that’s the perfect fit.

Ness Point is a medium roast, single origin. Ideal for Filter coffee, as a Pour Over, a Cafetière or even in your Espresso machine.

A super versatile coffee with a bean that originates from Peru in South America!


Ness Point uses coffee beans sourced from the Cajamarca, San Ignacio and Jaén regions of Peru. The coffee beans are processed using the Swiss Water method, being naturally decaffeinated using only water. This process is organic and 100% chemical-free.


Country of origin:
Swiss Water Decaffeinated
1,500 - 2,000 metres
Tasting notes:
Date, Chocolate and Biscuit

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