Stove Top Coffee Gift Pack


There’s nothing quite like a stove top espresso maker. If, like us, you love a Moka Pot then this selection will be just the ticket!


The Bolts is our premium espresso. A blend of Brazil Santos, Colombia Supreme and Costa Rica La Pastora beans. This wonderful balance of dark and medium roasts brings out the rich chocolate and cherry flavours. A powerful, beautifully balanced brew.

Bay Bank is our organic blend. It’s supremely delicate, subtly sweet and balanced with hints of raisin, blackcurrant and apricot. It’s a good all rounder and will suit anytime of the day.

Each Baytown Selection includes 2 x 250g bags of coffee, a Baytown Coffee Guide presented in a re-usable cotton bag.

This selection also works for Espresso machines.

*For Stove Top or Moka Pot, choose our filter grind for the best results*


Beans, Espresso, Filter

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