Ness Point Coffee (Decaf)


One of us can’t take his caffeine. And we didn’t want him to miss out on the coffee goodness. So we spent a long time perfecting a decaf with a ‘full-fat’ coffee feel. It is a chemical-free CO2-processed, darkly roasted Colombian Arabica, with a deep, mellow flavour. Some of our customers say this is the best decaffeinated coffee out there. We have to agree.



The medium roast Ness Point is ideal for filter pour over and cafetière, and many of our wholesale customers use it as their decaf espresso. For the perfect pour over, use 18g medium ground coffee per 250ml water. For cafetière, use one dessertspoon per 8oz cup. Our medium grind is great for both cafetière and filter.



Beans, Medium, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter


1kg, 250g


Colombia Excelso – Excelso grade coffee from Colombia are a screen 15 size. The caffeine is removed using carbonated water. The unroasted beans are placed in a large container of carbonated water and the molecules in the beans containing caffeine are attracted to the carbon dioxide molecules in the water. No chemicals are used at all. This process is usually done either in Germany or Italy.

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