We love the sea. That’s why we live by it. But the immense power of it can have volatile effects and we’re completely in awe of the fearless and brave work that the RNLI do every day. This delicious medium roast coffee is a blend of beans from Brazil Santos and Colombia. Even better, £1 from every pack will be donated to the RNLI to help them continue to save lives at sea. Swell.


The North Yorkshire Coast is a stunning part of the world and we consider ourselves very lucky to be based here. But beauty can be deceptive, and the immense strength of the North Sea can be somewhat volatile. The RNLI has a huge impact on our community, and we are inspired and humbled by the bravery and dedication of its volunteers across the country.

Coxwain blend is roasted medium-dark to bring out its smooth, delicious flavours. We recommend drinking it in a cafetiere, but it is equally delicious as a pourover. For cafetière, use one dessertspoon per 8oz cup. For pourover, use 20g filter ground coffee per 250ml water.


Beans, Medium



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