Cleveland Way signs nr. Whitby

Roaming the Cleveland Way: A Valentine's Day Adventure with a Purpose

At the heart of our commitment to environmental stewardship lies our proud adoption of a stretch of the Cleveland Way, winding through the picturesque coastline of the North Yorkshire Moors.

With a mission to preserve the natural beauty of this iconic trail, we embarked on our first official patrol on none other than Valentine's Day. As a regular runner along the Cleveland Way, I've always been attuned to its subtle changes, but this patrol held a special significance – it was a day to meticulously inspect, address, and maintain our adopted trail.

The routine patrols involve more than just a leisurely jog. Equipped with sacateurs and a keen eye for detail, we meticulously traverse the path, checking gate posts and identifying any signs of erosion damage. Committed to fulfilling our adoption agreement, which entails patrolling the entire stretch from Whitby Abbey to Hawsker Bottoms, our team – consisting of myself, David the roaster, and Rachel – geared up for the challenge.

David the roaster inspecting the Cleveland Way

Opting for a lightweight but essential loadout, we blended adventure with comfort, equipped with a Stanley flask filled with hot water, a Stanley pour-over, and a stash of our new single-origin Marnar Dale beans, accompanied by a trusty hand grinder.

As we embarked on our first patrol, a unique sense of purpose – to protect and cherish the Cleveland Way, one step at a time. 

Section of the Cleveland Way

Fortunately, the weather favoured us, with no rain on the horizon. Although I'm familiar with this stretch through my love for running and hiking, the recent rainfall has posed challenges, transforming the 1.5-hour trek into a nearly 3-hour journey wading through muddy tracks.

Picking litter on the Cleveland Way

 To our disappointment, we encountered a shocking amount of litter along the way, from empty wine bottles in picturesque picnic spots to other debris. It saddened me, that people aren’t mindful of their surroundings. Respect for the countryside is crucial.

Despite these challenges, the North Yorkshire Moors' team works diligently to maintain the trail, even addressing erosion issues. During our patrol, we had the chance to try our new guest coffee, 'Marnar Dale' – a lively, light-roasted brew with notes of Bilberry, Citrus, and Blossom. Utilising the Stanley pour-over allowed us to freshly brew the coffee without the need for disposable filter papers – a genius design for a hiking adventure.

Baytown Coffee brewing up

 Even for someone not accustomed to black coffee, the 'Marnar Dale' proved to be a delightful experience. Our Cleveland Way patrol is more than a routine; it's a dedication to the preservation of nature and a call to respect the beauty that surrounds us.