Our New Stanley Range

Our New Stanley Range

We recently launched our new website and this felt like a really good time for us to increase our range of accessories. When adding products to our website we only ever look into items that we use ourselves, which we really believe in.

If you’re a coffee lover and an outdoor enthusiast, then Stanley products are definitely for you. Nick has used a Stanley flask since he was a teenager, this has regularly been used for 30-40 years (yes he is old) and still functions just as well as the day he bought it - which shows that Stanley products really are built for life. This is just one of the reasons why we chose to add their products to our accessories range.

William Stanley Jr. invented the all-steel vacuum bottle in 1913, the same product we all know and love today. All their products have a lifetime warranty to cover against workmanship and to ensure they keep thermally efficient, so you know they are always going to keep your coffee hot. We are passionate about sustainability something that Stanley are also mindful of which just increased our desire to partner with them. All Stanley products are Built for LifeTM as they are reusable which reduces the use of single use products – another reason why we love them at Baytown because we like to help the environment where we can.

We are all about spending time outdoors and with our coffee built for adventure – Stanley is the perfect partner. Stanley have a vast range of products, we didn’t want to offer too much so we selected products that we felt would work best for the outdoors.

The Stay Hot French Press is the perfect travel companion, with this being stainless steel rather than your standard glass French Press you can ensure that your cafetière is not going to break whilst travelling. It brews up to 1.4 litres, keeps hot for up to 4 hours and has an ergonomic handle for easy pouring. We think our Boggle Hole coffee makes the perfect brew in this. Nick and Ann Louise plan to take theirs on their next family adventure – no more of all the family queueing up waiting for the coffee to slowly brew.

The Never Leak Travel Mug is perfect. We love that this is leak-proof, so you can put it in your backpack or with your camping gear without worrying about spills. The size of this is perfect for just one person who would like a big coffee to enjoy while you are at the beach or out walking, or you can even share it with your companion to give you both a smaller cup of coffee. 

Stanley’s Classic Bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 15 hours, the lid doubles up as a cup, with a twist and pour stopper for smoother pouring and it is leakproof. It is the perfect size for one person going out for the day or to share a coffee at lunch time while enjoying the outdoors.

The Stanley 1 litre Legendary bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours, has an ergonomic handle, the insulated lid doubles up as a cup, with a twist and pour stopper for smoother pouring. This is perfect for camping.  

Ann Louise enjoying Bay Bank at Saltwick Bay

The Perfect-Brew Pour Over makes between 1-6 cups, compatible with most cups, mugs and bottles. You just pop the pour over the top of your mug or bottle, it includes a dishwasher safe reusable filter – no more buying single-use filters. One of our team members loves to take this on her family hikes and finds it brews enough for the whole family while they are enjoying views. She pops a bag of Albion Street in her rucksack with this and it makes the perfect filter coffee.

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to enjoy our coffee and the Stanley Trigger Action mug is a game changer. It’s easy to use with a trigger action lid, even with one hand. We used to stock Keep Cups but found these were difficult to drink out of when in the car or walking as you needed to use both hands. It keeps your coffee hot for up to 6 hours, so you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee when you’re travelling to work or out and about enjoying nature. Whether you’re at the office or just running errands, it is the perfect way to enjoy your coffee on the go.

The Stanley Trigger Action Mug is personally our favourite product they are so good that the majority of our staff have already purchased one each to take home, we quickly had to increase our order to make sure we actually had some left for our customers!

We are really pleased with our selection of products and know you will love them as much as we do.