'Just doing our bit'

'Just doing our bit'

In our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, we're eagerly preparing for our fifth annual beach clean (would have been the seventh if not for the pesky interference of Covid).

Anticipation is growing as we get ready to unveil the date for this fantastic family day! In the meantime, let's reflect on our past achievements. It all began with a passion for our local environment – returning to Yorkshire after 20 years in London, Nick and I had one criteria: to be by the sea. The sea heals, it cures, it's like a roaring fire – constantly changing and mesmerizing to look at.

The frustration of encountering litter during our runs and dog walks fueled our inaugural beach clean in 2018. Inspired by our young children and Easter egg hunts, we transformed it into a litter hunt. Children earned treats for collected litter, while hardworking adults were rewarded with freshly brewed coffee. 

The community wholeheartedly embraced it, with even passing tourists joining in, making it a massive success. Our beach cleans always support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, featuring a voluntary donation box, and for every bag of coffee sold on that day, we contribute £1 to this worthy and much-needed local cause.

Come rain or shine, our community rallies together. We believe in early education – teaching children the importance of preserving our environment. Memories of beach cleans in the rain may linger, just like those rainy holiday days spent playing games. We hope to extend our beach cleans to more Yorkshire beaches this year.

Teaming up with Surfers Against Sewage, we aim to contribute to their quest for a thriving ocean and thriving people. Former avid surfers, Nick and I are passionate about protecting our Yorkshire Coast. We aspire to expand our efforts to care for the Cleveland Way and beyond. Your support is invaluable. If you can't make the 2024 beach clean, make a difference wherever you are. Snap a pic, hashtag #baytownbeachclean, and join us in keeping our beaches and local environment pristine.

Stay tuned to our social media for updates on our coastal conservation efforts. Yorkshire Coastline, watch out – our dedication might bring us to a beach near you soon!