Introducing Marnar Dale: A Journey into the Rich Flavours of Ethiopia

Introducing Marnar Dale: A Journey into the Rich Flavours of Ethiopia

We're thrilled to unveil our latest guest coffee, Marnar Dale, a single-origin gem hailing from the rich coffee landscapes of Ethiopia.

David our head roaster has taken a light roasting approach to let its natural flavours shine.  The vibrant notes of Bilberry, Citrus Lime, Blossom, and Plum, crafts a well-rounded and bright taste experience, complete with a sweet acidity.

Whether you're an espresso enthusiast or a filter coffee lover, Marnar Dale is your perfect companion. We highly recommend savouring it in its purest form—black. 

Curious about the name? At our roastery, we have a tradition of naming our coffees after local places, and Marnar Dale is no exception. Drawing inspiration from the moors, particularly Marnar Dale Beck next to Fylingdales in North Yorkshire, our local hiking ground.

Our commitment to exceptional coffee extends to the source – Hambela Farm. Covering 200 hectares, this Ethiopian gem is a testament to the passion and dedication of its founders, Aman Adinew and his brother Michael. Nestled in the Guji zone within the Oromia region, not only produces exceptional coffee but also serves as a hub for sustainable agricultural practices and community empowerment.

The farm boasts a workforce of 28 full-time staff, a number that swells to over 700 during the peak season. What sets Hambela apart is its commitment to gender inclusivity, with an impressive 70% of its workforce being women. This emphasis on diversity is a cornerstone of the farm's values, fostering an environment of equality and opportunity.

A unique aspect of Hambela Farm is its outreach program for local farmers. Through this initiative, farmers in the surrounding areas collaborate closely with agronomists and processing experts. The goal is to not only enhance the quality of their coffee but also to provide valuable knowledge and skills that contribute to the overall improvement of coffee production in the region.

Aman Adinew, the visionary behind Hambela Farm, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Prior to creating the farm, he served as the Director of Quality Control at the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX), where he oversaw the establishment of Ethiopia's first specialty coffee lab. This background in quality control has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in ensuring that Hambela's coffee maintains the highest standards.

Approximately 65% of Ethiopia's coffee growing area falls within the Oromia region, producing around 150,000 tons annually across 88 regions within 13 districts. Hambela's contribution to this landscape is distinctive, with a focus on the Guji zone that yields coffee of exceptional quality.

In essence, Hambela Farm is not just a coffee producer; it's a catalyst for positive change within the Ethiopian coffee industry. Aman Adinew's commitment to quality, sustainability, and community engagement resonates through the lush fields of Hambela, making it a beacon of excellence in the world of coffee cultivation.

Why not give our newest coffee Marnar Dale a try today?