Introducing King Street, Kenyan Coffee Beans

Introducing King Street, Kenyan Coffee Beans

We’re really excited about this season’s guest coffee. It is especially new for Baytown as it is our first coffee to originate from the African continent. King Street is a Single-Origin Kenyan coffee. Kenya produces some of the best coffee in the world – we feel King Street is really special. 

We like to name all our coffees after the places that surround us. When looking at names for the latest coffee we researched different street names in Robin Hood’s Bay – King Street instantly sprung out to us. Being in King Charles III coronation year, we thought what better name to use than King Street.

King Street is a light roast, Kenyan AA coffee. AA is the classification of the largest beans. With flavour notes of red berries, pineapple and hints of strawberries and cream it makes for a great cup of coffee. Kenyan coffee is known for its bright and lively acidity with intense flavour and King Street is no exception.

Grown in the Nyeri region of Kenya, the area is known for its rich soil and the temperate climate perfect for growing green beans. Grown between 1400m and 1900m altitude, the climate is cooler which means the cherry has a longer ripening period, developing a superior flavour. We take pride in only sourcing the best coffees for our loyal customers with King Street being grown on the high plateaus in Kenya this really does help produce some of the highest quality beans.

The coffee crop is handpicked when ripe, the cherry is then delivered to the wet mill the same day to ensure no uncontrolled fermentation occurs, where it is stored and then pulped. River water is used for processing and recirculated before disposal, with the coffee being sent out to soak in tanks in what is known as the ‘Kenyan’ style – an additional 8-16 hours of soaking under clean water helps to bring clarity to the cup and prolongs the qualities of acidity before drying under the sun on patios or raised beds.

All our coffees are identified by the different colours on their labels. The marketing team had a creative meeting with our head roaster to discuss the design for the latest label and we were all instantly drawn to yellow for King Street. The yellow represents not only the sunny climate of Kenya, but the vibrant flavours and acidity of this coffee.

Our head roaster recommends this Kenyan coffee for filter or a pour over and it is best enjoyed black. If you’re looking for a new coffee that is sweet, well balanced, and fruity,  King Street is definitely for you – we are loving drinking it at Baytown HQ!