How To Make Pour Over Coffee

How To Make Pour Over Coffee

Pour over is one of our favourite Brew Methods. It works for all different types and roasts of coffee and can make a clean, well rounded cup.

This simple method is a brilliant option for brewing at home so here are Baytown’s tips for the perfect pour over coffee!

Coffee pour over kit

First things first – equipment. For pour over, you can use:

Moving onto the Coffee…

Can you use pre ground coffee for a pour over?

The beauty of the pour over is that it works for all coffees, no matter the type of bean or the roast.

We advise a medium-fine grind or filter grind when brewing pour over as it allows the water to pass through the coffee easily without producing sediment. For the best results, grind your coffee fresh for each brew.

How much coffee do you use in a pour over?

The amount of coffee you use is really down to your own tastes. We would recommend 18g of coffee for 250ml of water for mid strength cup. If you prefer something stronger, add more coffee. Likewise, if you prefer a weaker cup, use less coffee.

Next – Water…

The important thing with here is water temperature. Heat your water to 95 degrees centigrade. If you don’t have a kettle with temperature control, boil your kettle as normal to 100 degrees and then leave the water to stand for 5 minutes and it will cool to the optimum temperature.

  • We use water at 95 degrees rather than boiling to avoid scorching or burning the coffee as we brew.
  • Use 250ml for a standard cup.

Pour Over Method

Now, let’s get brewing!

  • Take the filter paper and fold it down the seam. Then place it inside the cone of your coffee maker.
  • Next, we take our hot water and wet the filter paper. This takes away any paper taster from the filter paper. Once the water has run through the filter, empty it out.
  • Add your coffee to cone, making sure the top of the coffee is level.

Now for the complicated bit!

  • Take your water and gently pour a small amount over your coffee in a circular motion for about 45 seconds. You will see that the ground coffee begins to swell or “bloom”, as it degasses and releases any built up carbon dioxide.
  • After this, you want to begin to pour the water over again. You want to use two thirds of your water here and pour for just over 1 second, remembering to keep pouring with a circular motion.
  • As the coffee drips through, add the rest of you water again in the circular motion. This should take a couple of seconds.
  • Now all of your water is in the cone, take a spoon and gently stir once clockwise and once anticlockwise. Then wait for the coffee to drain through to the cup.

And there we have it, the perfect pour over ready to serve!