How does an AeroPress work?

How does an AeroPress work?

The AeroPress is a novel looking accessory, designed for those who love to experiment with their coffee making skills.

If you haven’t seen or used one before, don’t fear. The Baytown Coffee Company are here to give you the heads up on how to use this device and make superb coffee at home…or on the road!

But first, a quick did you know - The AeroPress was designed by Alan Adler, the creator of the Aerobie Pro, a flying ring that holds the record for the farthest thrown object.

So, how does an AeroPress work?

The AeroPress is a manual coffee making device, consisting of a cylindrical chamber that contains a plunger, with an airtight silicone seal – like a syringe!

Ground coffee beans and water are steeped inside, (allowing dry ingredients, such as coffee to soak in a liquid until the liquid takes on the flavour of the ingredient itself), then forced through the filter on the bottom of the device by pressing the plunger into the chamber.

The AeroPress is capable of brewing highly concentrated coffees with a similar pressure to an espresso machine, rather like an intense filter coffee, and can also be used to make cold brew.

Is The AeroPress Eco Friendly

Generally, it’s believed the AeroPress is slightly more eco-friendly than running a full-sized coffee machine every day. Yes, you still need a trusty kettle to get a hold of that 90+ degree water but the AeroPress is ingeniously simple in design, compact, lightweight and doesn't require any electric when in use.

Enjoy Coffee In The Great Outdoors

The AeroPress is a manual method with lots of flexibility, so much so, that you can take it with you on your travels. For truly tasty coffee on the go, you cannot go far wrong with a trusty AeroPress.

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