Baytown Beach Clean 2024 - Robin Hood's Bay beach

Community, Coffee, and Clean Beaches

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our annual beach clean – what an incredible turnout it was! 

Witnessing the passion and enthusiasm of so many children and adults alike, all dedicated to cleaning up our beloved beach, warms our cockles.

Our beach clean event is more than just picking up litter; it's a chance for us to connect with our customers, socialize, and reward everyone for their hard work with a well-deserved hot brew. 

This year, we introduced our newest coffee addition, Maritime Mornings, and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Crafted to perfection through filter brewing, Maritime Mornings delighted palates whether enjoyed with milk or black. What's even more special is that £1 from every bag sold goes to the EMCT, a charity close to our hearts, supporting children who have battled cancer in rebuilding their lives through sailing and outdoor activities.

We were incredibly fortunate with the weather, as the sunny skies enhanced the experience for all. But beyond the weather, the true beauty of this event lies in the sense of community it fosters. Coming together, we made a concerted effort to improve our environment.

Even the ice cream man joined in, treating our young volunteers as a token of appreciation. And let's not forget the generous donations to support Yorkshire Air Ambulance – every contribution makes a difference.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this year's beach clean was the noticeable reduction in litter. Scouring the beach right down to Boggle Hole, we were pleasantly surprised by the minimal amount of rubbish. This positive shift reflects a growing mindfulness among beachgoers, emphasizing the importance of responsible waste disposal.

While our beach clean event is a highlight of the year.  Let’s continue the good work and strive to keep our beaches clean year-round.

Last but not least!  We must thank Surfers Against Sewage, our invaluable collaborators in organizing beach cleans nationwide. Their dedication ensure that communities across the country can come together to protect our precious coastlines. From coordinating logistics to spreading awareness, they play a crucial role in making our beach clean events a success. We're grateful for their partnership and the impactful work they do in safeguarding our marine environments. Here's to Surfers Against Sewage for their unwavering commitment to cleaner beaches and a healthier planet.