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We love great coffee

The Baytown Coffee Company is really young and very old. We’re like an enthusiastic puppy with the head of a wise owl. Let us explain. The idea to launch Baytown Coffee came to us in 2013. Four friends with a love of great coffee decided to create a brand that filled the coffee void on the Yorkshire coast – a company that would make it easy for people to enjoy really, really good coffee.

It’s a simple idea. We avoid the pretentiousness that’s so often served up alongside good coffee, expose people to better quality than they’ve ever had before, and concentrate on making it fun. After all, last time we checked coffee was all about making you feel good.

Coffee, Ma’am?

But while The Baytown Coffee Company is young, between us we have years of coffee experience. In fact, our expertise can be traced right back to the 1940s. That’s when David’s grandfather started HR Higgins (Coffee-man) Ltd, the company that now holds the Royal Warrant to supply coffee to the Queen (no, she doesn’t just drink tea). David, who took over the company from his father, and his business partner Nick, have got more coffee expertise than we know what to do with.

So, we are in the rare position of having decades of experience that we ‘blend’ with the enthusiastic overdrive of a caffeine-fuelled start-up. In the end, however, the thing that really fires us up is the basic fact that we love great coffee.

Feel good coffee

We’re hell-bent on helping you enjoy the best quality coffee in a way that works for you. To make sure that happens, we source the highest quality beans, hand roast them and get them to you quickly so you enjoy the freshest, most delicious coffee possible.

Fairness and sustainability

But loving great coffee isn’t just about drinking it. For us, great coffee starts with fairness and traceability. It’s important that our growers are paid above the fair trade minimums – that’s why we work directly with farmers and with importers who share our values. Coope Tarrazu RL for instance, is a Costa Rican cooperative that was established by 228 small coffee farms in 1970. Nowadays it’s a major contributor to the economic development of the Los Santos region of Tarrazu.

Around 10,000 people work with the coop, most of whom grow coffee on land of less than four hectares. What drives the success of Coope Tarrazu RL is the way it looks after the interests of these small producers. It provides a range of services including credit, agronomical and technical advice, sustainable prices, fertilisers and more.

Then there’s quality. Our sourcing and selection process ensures all our beans exceed intense quality standards. That means we do a potentially dangerous amount of tasting, and only work with people who really care about what they do.

Finally, there’s sustainability. Coffee’s no fun if someone is being let down somewhere along the line. So, we work hard to build trusting and sustainable relationships with everyone we come into contact with – whether that be growers, merchants or wholesale customers. Then, when all of that is ticked off, we get back to enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Making a difference

We believe we have a moral responsibility to make a positive social impact on the communities in which we operate. For us, that means here on the Yorkshire coast as well as in those from which we buy our coffee beans.

There are all kinds of plans afoot at Baytown Coffee that we hope will help the communities in and around Whitby and Scarborough. But we’re a young company, and for the time being we are concentrating on projects that will have an immediate impact.

Dalewood is a charitable trust that offers support services for adults with learning difficulties living in the Whitby area. As is the case for many organisations like this, it is suffering from cuts in funding and is exploring ways to become more self-reliant. Under dynamic leadership, it is a very entrepreneurial organisation and has a number of trading arms. In the first instance, we are working with Dalewood to develop its cafe and communications with the aim to increase its appeal and income.

Meet the team

  • Nick cropped

    Nick Hartley

    The Gaffer

  • David Atkinson

    David Atkinson (Salad Fingers)

    Makes green beans brown

  • Debcropped

    Deb Berry

    Keeps the customers smiling

  • Emily

    Emily Locker

    Counts the pennies when we have them

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