The Bolts Coffee


Our premium espresso is a blend of Brazil Santos, Colombia Supreme and Costa Rica La Pastora beans. A wonderful balance of dark and medium roasts to bring out the rich chocolate and cherry flavours. A powerful, beautifully balanced brew.


The Bolts makes an exceptionally good espresso. It has ample strength and cut-thorough to make a great cappuccino, latte or flat white. Use 17.5g of coffee extracted for 25-27 seconds for a 28g shot to produce a sweet, powerful and fruity coffee.



Beans, Medium, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter


1kg, 250g


Santos Brazils – Grown at altitudes of 2,000 to 4,000 ft above sea level, our high grade Brazil Santos is relatively low in acidity, rounded, sweet and well nuanced. The cherries are dry processed (dried inside the fruit) to retain some of the fruit for the cup.

Costa Rica La Pastora – This bean is handpicked on the hills above San Marcos. The soil here in the high Tarrazu region near Volcan Poas is rich and volcanic. The bean is grown at 4750 ft above sea level, and is harvested in December to March. The cherries are wet processed by our friends at Coope Tarrazu RL.

Colombia Supremo – Supremo refers to the size of the coffee bean. This is the largest bean that Colombia produces. Grown at altitudes of between 5905 and 6560 ft above sea level in the Antioquia and Huila districts, the rainfall, cloud cover and soil conditions are ideal. A cool mountainous climate prolongs the development of the Popayán's coffee cherry, deepening the berry flavour absorbed by the bean, which is accentuated during the fermentation stage when the defruited bean is wet processed.

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