La Cafetière


The La Cafetière Classic is the original French press coffee maker, or plunger. The glass is heat resistant, the handle non-slip and the filter and plunger chrome-plated finished stainless steel. This little piece of kit adds a touch of coffee style to any kitchen or dinning room. And it even comes in two sizes.


To get the best from your cafetière, warm the glass first with hot water, empty and then add 1 scoop (provided) or dessertspoon  per cup of coarsely ground coffee. Let your water cool in the kettle for 2 minutes before pouring just enough over to cover the grinds and allow to swell. Leave for 30 seconds. Next, fill the cafetière to the band at the top, stir and put the lid on. After 4 minutes, stir briefly, press down on the plunger and serve immediately.


3 Cup, 4 Cup, 8 Cup

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