Kelly Kettle Coffee Kit


Our fantastic Kelly Kettle Coffee Kit comes in two versions, standard and deluxe, both perfect for making sure you, your friends and loved ones, can enjoy the good stuff on the move. The Kelly Kettle is the most reliable all-purpose outdoor kettle, ideal for the more adventurous coffee drinkers, yet great for a family camping trip or a picnic by the river. These kits include everything you need for brewing up in the great outdoors.


Inside both kits you’ll find a Trekker Kelly Kettle, ideal for 2-4 people. These are great for a camping trip, a picnic by the river, or a bit of fun in the backyard. Kelly Kettles are fast, efficient, safe and, best of all, eco-friendly. Simply fuel with sticks, leaves, tree bark or pine cones. So simple it’s genius! The standard kit also includes an enamel mug, a filter cone, filter papers, a measuring spoon and a 250g pack of Boggle Hole ground coffee.

In the deluxe version an Aeropress replaces the filter cone, papers and spoon, and a superb Rhinowares handheld grinder is included so that your alfresco coffee experience can include freshly ground beans. You’ll still find an enamel mug and 250gms of Boggle Hole beans to get you started.

This all comes in a black, hardwearing, army-style Haversack making it a fantastic gift for the more adventurous coffee drinker. Everything you could possibly need for brewing up in the great outdoors.


Deluxe, Standard

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