Jingle Blend


Jingle Blend is our extra special limited edition coffee – just in time for those cosy nights in front of the roaring fire.

Our delicious festive blend has a spicy flavour with a fruity edge and smooth finish. We have roasted it medium and it’s perfect served as a pour over but is equally as scrumptious made in a cafetière.

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the twinkly lights.


Festive and spicy, our Jingle Blend makes a great pour over but is equally as delicious made in a cafetière.

This inviting blend is a blend of coffees from Brazil, Guatemala and Tanzanian Mount Kilimanjaro.

For the perfect pour over, use 17g medium ground coffee per 250ml freshly boiled water. For cafetière, use 1-2 dessertspoons per 8oz cup.



Beans, Medium




Santos Brazils – Grown at altitudes of 2,000 to 4,000 ft above sea level, our high-grade Brazil Santos is relatively low in acidity, rounded, sweet and well nuanced. The cherries are dry processed (dried inside the fruit) to retain some of the fruit for the cup.

Kibo Chagga – Grown in the Mount Kilimanjaro region by the Chagga people who have been growing coffee since the 1920s.

Guatemala Nueva Granada – Grown in the volcanic highlands of San Marcos by Dieter and Holly Nottebaum who have been farming in Guatemala for many years. The coffee is shade-grown away from preserved wildlife corridors. The farm works hard to achieve a sustainable economy and Rainforest Alliance Certification.

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