Bay Bank Coffee (Organic)


Our Organic blend is a medium dark roast of Honduras and Peru Arabica beans. It’s supremely delicate, subtly sweet and balanced with hints of raisin, blackcurrant and apricot. It’s a good all rounder and will suit anytime of the day. We think you’ll love it.


Bay Bank is a good all-rounder. It suits being made in a cafetière as well as a pour over or moka/stove top. Put your feet up and enjoy any which way you choose. For filter, use 20g filter ground coffee per 250ml water. For cafetière, use one dessertspoon per 8oz cup. If you are brewing with a filter or cafetière choose our medium grind.


Beans, Medium, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter


1kg, 250g


Honduras Finca Gaby – Norma Mileybi Lara began growing her coffee on a small piece of land just 1.4 hectares in the Ocotepeque region of Honduras given to her by her father. Shade grown on good volcanic soil 1450m above sea level, only the ripe cherries are hand-picked prior to processing at the local co-op. A wet processed coffee, all the pulp is used for organic fertilizer and the mucilage is used to combat the Roya left rust that has had a devastating effect on recent coffee production.

Farmer Isaías Rivera Cruz farms on a 1.69 hectare piece of land at an altitude of 1785 meters in northwestern Peru. The coffee cherries are processed at the farm using a traditional method of fermentation tanks and eco pulpers. Shade grown, with use of native and fruit trees such as Huabas, Alicaro, Eritrina, Figs, Mangos and Pico Pico amongst others. The farm is managed according to the Organic and Rainforest Alliance standards.

Both beans used for Bay Bank Organic are acquired through the 121 project, which puts us directly in contact with the farmers.

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