Albion Street Coffee


While blended specifically for filter, Albion Street also works very well in a cafetiere. It’s a blend of Brazil Santos and Costa Rica La Pastora, roasted dark and medium to achieve delicious mellow ripe cherry tones.


Smooth, rich chocolate with a mellow, ripe cherry finish and just a hint of raisin. Albion Street makes a great pour over but is still just as good in a cafetière. For the perfect pour over, use 18g medium ground coffee per 250ml water. For cafetière, use 1-2 dessertspoons per 8oz cup for a big caffeine hit. Our medium grind works well for both cafetière and filter.


Beans, Medium, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter


1kg, 250g


Costa Rica La Pastora – This bean is handpicked on the hills above San Marcos. The soil here in the high Tarrazu region near Volcan Poas is rich and volcanic. The bean is grown at 4750 ft above sea level, and is harvested in December to March. The cherries are wet processed by our friends at Coope Tarrazu RL.

Santos Brazils – Grown at altitudes of 2,000 to 4,000 ft above sea level, our high grade Brazil Santos is relatively low in acidity, rounded, sweet and well nuanced. The cherries are dry processed (dried inside the fruit) to retain some of the fruit for the cup.

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