effective from 4th July 2022

At Baytown we love hand-roasted coffee, just like you! In order to make the most fabulous coffee blends, we use only the highest quality ingredients, sourced directly from independent farmers in far-flung regions such as Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

We never compromise on quality!

You’ve probably already noticed but prices are rising everywhere and, while we have tried to minimise the impact of these rises on our amazing customers, ultimately, we have reached a point where absorbing the increasing cost of materials is no longer an option and so, from the 4th July 2022, the price of all our coffees will be increasing.

To understand a little more about why we’ve had to do this, here are a few examples of the difficulties we are facing as a local, family-run roastery:

1.     Global Coffee demand continues to increase, putting a strain on supply chains. The Brazilian frost of 2021 decimated an entire harvest and in turn, triggered a global rally for premium quality arabica beans. Additionally, climate change has a role to play, damaging crop yields in our other coffee origins that would normally step up and replace the crops lost in Brazil

2.     Accessing good prices for shipping containers is becoming ever more difficult and complex, with limited availability driving up prices across every industry.

3.     As part of our ongoing investment at The Baytown Coffee Company, we are starting the process of upgrading all of our packaging, improving the recyclability and overall quality of the packets and boxes you receive in your orders.

4.     You’ll no doubt be aware that energy prices have been increasing for everyone, meaning the cost of roasting your favourite blend has risen significantly over the last 12 months.

We will continue to offer customers a 10% discount for subscribing to our mailing list, as well as free shipping for all orders over £25, as we have done for a number of years.

Thank you for being a loyal Baytown customer, you’re the reason we love what we do and why we continue to search the world for the highest quality ingredients to use in our delicious coffees.

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