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  • Irish Coffee

    How to make an Irish Coffee!

    In our opinion, our friends at Vaughan’s Pub in Kilfenora make the best Irish coffees! So this St Patrick’s Day, we’re sharing their secrets to show you how to the perfect Irish Liqueur Coffee at home.   How To Make An Irish Coffee To make one Irish Coffee, you will need:   Ingredients Brown Sugar …

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  • Alessi 9090 Moka Pot

    How to make Moka Pot Coffee!

    It’s no secret that we love a Moka Pot here at Baytown. In fact, it’s our favourite way to enjoy our morning cup of The Bolts before a busy day at the roastery. Stovetop espresso makers are simple, easy to use and produce perfectly brewed cups of coffee making them a hit in households all …

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  • How to make Baileys Coffee

    Arguably the nation’s favourite festive tipple, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a spot of Baileys! And as it’s the season to be jolly, we are going to share our tips for enjoying a Baileys this festive season, Baytown style. Baileys Coffee is perfect for warming those cockles on brisk winter days. To make a Baileys …

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  • Myths About Drinking Coffee

    10 Myths About Coffee

    There are so many myths surrounding drinking coffee that it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t.

    So let us shed some light on these tall tales and dispel some of these coffee myths once and for all.

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  • How To Make Cafetiere Coffee!

    Whether you call it Cafetiere, French Press or Plunger, this brew method is a favourite across the world. Not only is it beautifully simple but it produces a delicious cup of coffee with minimal effort. For us it’s a winner! So if you want to know how to make cafetiere coffee, read through our steps …

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  • How to make pour over coffee

    How To Make Pour Over Coffee

    How to make good pour over coffee What is pour over coffee? Pour over is one of our favourite Brew Methods. It works for all different types and roasts of coffee and makes a clean, well rounded cup. This simple method is a brilliant option for brewing at home so here are Baytown’s tips for …

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  • Boggle Hole Coffee Beans

    Let’s talk about Dark Roast Coffee!

    Working out which coffee is for you can be a bit mind boggling. With so many options available to us, it’s easy to get lost among the beans, blends and roasts. So, let us offer you some guidance through the minefield and share everything there is to know about dark roast coffee.   What do …

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